eFoil Rental

Enjoy renting our eFoil Fliteboards in Mallorca. Foil surfboards that levitate on the surface of the water thanks to a small electric motor and Bluetooth technology.

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Electric Hydrofoil Rental
in Mallorca

We offer sessions with electric surfboards with foil with various models for all levels. Each of our instructors is qualified and gives lessons adapted to the level of the clients.

fliteboard rent

Fliteboard eFoil rental

Rental from 469€

Rent your Efoil for the days you need, we deliver and pick it up at the port..
1 to 2 days 600€
3 to 9 days 549€
+ 10 days 469€


fliteboard mallorca

FLITEBOARD Extra Battery Rental

Extra battery

Purchase an extra battery for more fun time.


efoil clases mallorca

eFoil Monitor

Expert instructor in aquatic activities

We will teach you all the keys to master this amazing eFoil during your holidays.
Purchase a monitor to learn how to use your fliteboard.


efoil clases mallorca

eFoil Fliteboard Pack especial

Pack 4 hours

This pack includes a morning or afternoon session of 4 hours:
1 Monitor
1 Fliteboard
2 Batteries


Questions about Fliteboard eFoil

We answer our clients’ most frequently asked questions.

What is a Fliteboard eFoil?

An eFoil is an electric surfboard with a submerged hydrofoil that lifts the board above the water when you are going fast. It has an electric motor that glides you over the water simply and effortlessly. Fliteboard is the leading manufacturer of eFoils worldwide.

Can the eFoil Fliteboard rental be cancelled?
Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the rental. In the event of cancellation due to weather conditions, a new date will be offered or a full refund will be made.
Are there any prerequisites?

The only requirements are: to be 16 years old, to be able to swim, to have an ID card or passport and to come to the centre with a confirmed booking.

Who can get on a Fliteboard?

Our instructors recommend you to be in average physical condition. However, it is not recommended for wheelchair users, pregnant women or people with back problems.


Commitment to Our Clients

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Cliente takeoff
Last summer I tried the Fliteboard eFoil for the first time and loved it - I'm sure we'll try it again next year!
Emma Hart
Cliente takeoff
The TAKEOFF® Mallorca instructors taught me how to perfect my balance on the electric hydrofoil and I am very grateful to them!
Eddie Johnson
Cliente takeoff
The holiday in Mallorca was amazing! We were able to do a lot of water sports, but the best was the Fliteboard eFoil.
Jonathan Doe
Cliente takeoff
I will never forget the feeling of flying over the water on an electric surfboard - I am delighted with the service of TAKEOFF® Mallorca!
Mike Edward

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