AWAKE Rental

Now you have the opportunity to rent an Awake board in Mallorca for a day to experience the feeling of being on the most powerful electric surfboard on the market.
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Electric surfboard rental

AWAKE is one of the most powerful power surfboards on the current electric surfboard market. Now you can rent an AWAKE board and enjoy a day of power surfing like you’ve never experienced before.
Awake board ravik

Awake Rental

Rentals from 469€

Rent an Awake board the days you need, we deliver and pick it up at the port..
1 to 2 days 600€
3 to 9 days 549€
+ 10 days 469€


Awake rental yacht

AWAKE Extra Battery

Extra battery

Rent an extra battery for more fun time.


Electric surf board rental

AWAKE Monitor


We will teach you all the keys to master this incredible Awake during your holidays. Hire a monitor to learn how to use your Awake


Awake board rental

AWAKE Special Pack

Pack 4 hours

This pack includes a morning or afternoon session of 4 hours:
1 Monitor
1 Awake ravik 3
2 Batteries


Learn to Surf with Awake

Its perfect weight distribution and great manoeuvrability make it a very easy to master motor surfboard. The Awake is ideal for exploring the sea with family or friends.

Prime location

The port of Palma, Mallorca is the meeting point to start the electric hydrofoil experience.

Qualified instructor

The instructors have extensive experience with eFoil classes and know the product inside out.

Safety equipment

The school provides wetsuits and impact waistcoats at the customer's service to ensure a 100% safe experience.

Questions about Awake Boards

We answer our clients’ most frequently asked questions.

What is Awake Boards?

Awake is a leading Swedish manufacturer of electric surfboards. Their boards contain a small battery-powered motor capable of surfing at up to 60 km/h. In addition, they are controlled by a hand-held wireless controller that can be operated to make them accelerate.

Can the activity be cancelled?

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the activity. In the event of cancellation due to weather conditions, a new date will be offered or a full refund will be made.

Are there any prerequisites?

The only requirements are: to be 16 years old, to be able to swim, to have an ID card or passport and to come to the centre with a confirmed booking.

Who can get on an Awake?

Our instructors recommend you to be in average physical condition. However, it is not recommended for wheelchair users, pregnant women or people with back problems.


Commitment to Our Clients

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Cliente takeoff
Awake Boards is one of the best electric surfboard brands in the world. The whole team has developed an excellent product.
Emma Gómez
Cliente takeoff
Before buying an Awake electric surfboard, we wanted to try it out at TAKEOFF® Mallorca. We loved the experience!
Rodrigo Peña
Cliente takeoff
A year ago I bought an Awake Boards electric surfboard from TAKEOFF® Mallorca and I am very satisfied with my purchase, I highly recommend it!
Mario Torres
Cliente takeoff
If you want a completely new and revolutionary experience in the sea, Awake's electric surfboards are mind-blowing.
Pau López

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